Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is he smoking?

Gov. Corbett has once again demonstrated his complete lack of understanding and disrespect for Pennsylvanians. Rather than admit that policies like cutting school funding, limiting access to health care and failing to invest in transportation infrastructure have failed to energize hiring in our Commonwealth, he'll lay the blame with people who receive busy signals when they call to apply for unemployment compensation, have had to reapply for Medicaid coverage for their children after they were erroneously eliminated, or waiting in line for hours trying to get a photo ID that the GOP told them they'd need in order to vote.

Gov. Corbett's job numbers speak for themselves. Before Gov. Corbett took office Pennsylvania repeatedly had an unemployment rate below the national average, and was an admirable 7th in job growth -- now we're 49th. His administration boasted that Pennsylvania has recovered 50 percent of pre-recession jobs lost -- meanwhile Maryland has recovered 97 percent of theirs.

The governor has repeatedly championed tax cuts to campaign contributors, while publicly blaming Pennsylvanians for his failed policies. When will he learn that businesses don’t hire people because their tax rate dropped -- they hire people because there is a demand for their goods and services?
Blaming unemployed Pennsylvanians is not the answer