Friday, March 11, 2011

All education cuts are not created equal

Per/pupil funding cuts vary by up to 1800%

By now you've probably heard about the draconian cuts to education in Gov. Corbett's proposed spending plan.

While basic education is tragically reduced by nearly $1 billion overall, the reductions in spending per student are even more appalling. Some neighboring school districts have dramatic differences in the amount their allocation per student would drop under the Corbett plan. Sometimes the difference in reduction between districts can vary by hundreds of dollars.

Where you live really does make a difference...

Here is a look at a few of the striking discrepancies:

School District
REDUCTION in BEF* per student
Conestoga Valley

Fox Chapel Area

Wyomissing Area

Bristol Borough
New Hope-Solebury

Harrisburg City
Derry Township

York City
York Suburban

This is all very surprising, seeing as the Department of Education's website indicates that school districts actually got increases... And I was told there were no gimmicks in this budget, ha! That's as accurate as saying it is tax free.

*basic education funding