Thursday, January 26, 2012

A tour of Pennsylvania's schools

As parents, students, teachers and other stakeholders discuss solutions to the fiscal crises facing Commonwealth school districts like Chester Upland, and with Gov. Corbett's second budget address just weeks away, here are some photos provided to the Education Law Center in Philadelphia by students from the schools and communities where we educate our children.

Last year's budget cut education by nearly $1 billion, and in an inequitable way. Chester Upland received a per classroom cut of over $28,000, while nearby district Radnor Township was cut by less than $1,000 per classroom. But Chester Upland isn't the only district struggling.

If Gov. Corbett was serious when he said "every child regardless of zip code or economic status, should have access to the best education possible," then 16 miles shouldn't be the difference between a great education and no education at all.

The library at Lower Merion High School (2011).

The library at Olney High School (2008).

The auditorium at Harriton High School (Lower Merion SD, 2011).

The auditorium at McKeesport High School (c. 2007). 

Community around Lower Merion School District.

Community around York City School District (2008).